Patch-A-Thon crews working to fill Portland's potholes

The Portland Bureau of Transportation took advantage of Thursday's dry weather to start filling the backlog of potholes across the city.

Several hubcaps lie next to a giant pothole off Willamette and Wayland streets in North Portland. One hubcap flew off with such force that it is now wedged into a wooden post.

“I’m mad. Because I’ve already had to replace a front tire of my car. I’ve already had a tire popped by the potholes,” said driver Jeanine Nitosia.

PBOT said each day, it takes upwards of 150 calls about the pesky holes.

“Certainly the potholes are something that are on top of mind for a lot of Portlanders.” Commissioner Dan Saltzman said, “Residents have been talking nonstop about pothole ever since the last storm concluded.”

“We are also asking residents to continue to send us information about where they know about potholes so that we can get them all,” the commissioner added.

The winter storms allowed moisture to get under the road, causing it to break under the weight of passing cars. The first roads the city attacked on Thursday were NE Broadway and Weidler.

Omar Vasquez was elated to see the Patch-A-Thon project in action.

“I saw them there and I was like, wow. That’s incredible! Finally cause Broadway especially Weidler here it’s very bad,” he said.

If you hit a pothole in Portland and it has been reported, after an investigation the city says it can work with you to fix your vehicle. You just need to fill out a form with the city’s risk management office. They have a form for pothole damage online.

PBOT officials added that as long as there is a dry day they will be out again, doing the Patch-A-Thon until the potholes are fixed.

Thursday may have been the first Patch-A-Thon, but Commissioner Saltzman said drivers can expect more.

“We are going to start doing this quarterly. So we are going to have our patches on at least a quarterly basis. So you can expect to see us out here four times a year.”

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