'They weren't my dogs'

BEAVERTON, Ore. - Three people convicted of neglecting animals a year ago have been arrested again, this time on different charges.

The arrests were made Thursday while police served a search warrant at a home in the 11700 block of Southwest 1st Street in Beaverton. The search warrant stemmed from a report that the people at the home had dogs. As part of their conviction on animal neglect, they are not allowed to possess animals.

The dogs, two Pit Bulls named Patches and Sissy Lala, were seized by animal control. Police said there were no obvious signs of abuse or neglect. Investigators also found evidence of drugs at the home, specifically methamphetamine.

Three people - 60-year-old Stan Evans, 49-year-old Darlene Exendine and 37-year-old Stephen Young - were taken into custody. They are now facing charges involving the dogs they had and methamphetamine possession.

Evans doesn't believe he has done anything wrong.

"The dogs belong to one of the renters," Evans said. "I didn't think that was a big problem. They weren't my dogs. They are his dogs. They are two of the most beautiful Pit Bulls you'd ever want to know."

When we pressed Evans, telling him the dogs were near him, though, he said "I'm not a criminal here" and slammed his door shut.

The trio, along with one other person, was convicted in 2012 of animal neglect after a report that they beat several dogs with a shovel. At that time, Evans said he had been wrongly accused. He claimed he used the shovel to stop the dogs from fighting with each other.

One of the dogs that was seized on Nov. 21, 2013. KATU photo.

Police have been called to the home 54 times in the last year and there have been police reports filed at least a dozen times. The calls have been for noise complaints, animal concerns and drugs.

"(There is) a lot of activity going through the neighborhood at all hours of the night," said neighbor Ray George. "(It's) very concerning having family around here, you know."

Evans was recently served papers by Beaverton City Code Enforcement, telling him he must clean up the house by Dec. 6 or risk getting kicked out. The problem stems from garbage outside the home and the city says the house doesn't have any working utilities, making it unsanitary and dangerous.

"I don't live like this - this is not me," Evans said. "I don't live like this. Like I said, I'm terminal. I have to make every minute count from here on out because I don't have much time left."