Thief steals sentimental jewelry box and slice of pizza

BATTLE GROUND, Wash. - Cher Bunkley believes a thief only spent seven minutes inside her house Friday afternoon, but it was long enough for that person to steal an item that matters to her most: a jewelry box that was a gift from her dad to her mom, and then to her.

This theft was less than a month after her mom died.

"There's not anything that's in it that would mean anything to anybody but me," said Bunkley through tears. "So it's really bothersome. I would have rather them take that TV then take that jewelry box."

In fact, Bunkley said the thief walked by a television, an iPad and an Xbox but left all those electronics alone, although she did notice a slice of pizza missing along with the jewelry.

She feels it's bizarre and even joked to lighten the mood. "It was deep dish, OK!"

But she's also scared and upset.

"Seven minutes they were in here, seven minutes!" Bunkley said. "Now we make sure windows are locked, notify the neighbors, and it really kind of shakes your foundation of safety."

She believes her neighbor's surveillance camera captured footage of the car involved. It appears to be a Saturn Vue, and she believes the person who got out in the video is an older teenager or young man. Bunkley and her boyfriend have been passing around fliers with the image of the vehicle and the jewelry box in the hopes of getting the box back.

She promises to bake two dozen of her popular gourmet cupcakes for anyone who helps find the suspect or missing item.

"Your choice of flavors, the best cupcakes you'd ever eat," she said. "And a little cash on the side."

It nothing else, Bunkley hopes the thief realizes his gain is making the recent loss of her mom that much worse.

"I hope somebody at least understands the depth of what they've done."