This year's World Naked Bike Ride Portland will be on June 23

Bare bicyclists filled the streets of Portland on Saturday for the annual World Naked Bike Ride. The ride draws attention to global oil dependancy, promotes body-positive messages, and highlights the vulnerability of cyclists on the roads. The group gathered in Fernhill Park before riding into Southeast Portland. (KATU photo taken 6-24-2017 by Tristan Fortsch)

Mark your calendars: The 2018 World Naked Bike Ride will take place on June 23 in Portland.

The annual ride has thousands of Portlanders getting naked and biking around the city.

The World Naked Bike Ride's website states that the event is "an annual, worldwide bike ride that highlights the vulnerability of cyclists everywhere, and decries society's dependence on pollution-based transport."

Feeling nostalgic? Check out KATU's photo gallery of pics from last year's ride.

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