Three teens overdose on prescription drugs in the middle of the school day

HILLSBORO, Ore. - Three teens at Century High School overdosed on prescription drugs in the middle of the school day, and then had to be taken away to the hospital on stretchers on Wednesday.

One classmate is talking about the shocking sight.

"I saw there was an ambulance approaching the school. I don't know how long they were there for but I did see people being taken out of the school," said a Century senior.

KATU News isn't identifying the 18-year-old boy at his request. He wants parents, teachers, and other students to take what happened seriously.

"Someone could end up dead. I mean, people were taken out on stretchers today," he said.

Pill popping is an epidemic across the United States. The National Institutes of Health estimate an average of 2,000 teenagers take prescription drugs that aren't theirs every day. Now, three students at Century High School have joined the statistics.

The student KATU News talked with explained he watched one of the overdoses happen around lunch time, and the gossip started spreading. Soon, the word around school was that two other students also showed signs of overdoes.

"There was a lot of rumors that people had overdosed on synthetic meth, synthetic heroin. As far as I know it was probably Oxycontin because that's what, that seems to be what most teenagers can get their hands on as far as synthetic meth goes," he said.

The school district won't say what kind of drugs the affected students used, only that they weren't prescribed to them. They took the drugs before school, but it's unclear where.

"I wouldn't say scary; more so just a disappointment. I feel like my classmates could do a better job at staying safe," the student said.

A school spokeswoman told KATU News the students who overdosed were juniors and seniors, and said it could have been worse. No matter how you look at it, the student who watched what happened believes it didn't need to.

"It makes us all look bad because you really don't know when this is happening, you don't know who has this," he said.

KATU News asked the school district if they plan to use what happened as chance to raise awareness about popping pills. A spokeswoman said they haven't thought about it, but the school has done a lot in the past to raise awareness. The student we talked to wants them to do more.