Thunder and lightning damages property, kills goats in area

Thunder and lightning rolled through the metro area Sunday, causing some property damage and even killing some goats in one neighborhood.

The two goats were struck and killed by lightning at about 7 a.m. in Kelso, Wash. A witness said the animals had been standing next to a tree when lightning hit the tree.

Elsewhere, Sunday afternoon, a tree hit by lightning fell and damaged two homes in the 18700 block of Southwest Hennig Court in Aloha. No one was hurt.

"There was just this horrible big boom and at first, I thought it was thunder,"said Karen Lund. "And then I thought 'that's pretty strong thunder.' I went to the kitchen and saw the branches that had gone over the house and into the back yard. Then, when I turned around, I could see the branches that came through the roof and into the den."

Throughout the rest of the afternoon, forecasters predicted a chance of showers and wind gusts up to 18 mph, according to the National Weather Service.

It looks like the wet, cooler weather is sticking around. Showers and temperatures barely cracking 70 degrees are on tap for Monday and Tuesday, KATU Meteorologist Mary Loos predicts.