Tip from school staffer leads to sex abuse arrests

PORTLAND, Ore. - Portland police arrested four men accused of sexually abusing a pair of young girls.

Police started investigating when a staff member at Centennial Middle School noticed a concerning YouTube video posted on a student's Facebook page. The staffer recognized a girl in the video as a student at the school, according to principal Doug Cook.

School officials notified Facebook, which took the video down, and the state Department of Human Services. DHS in turn contacted police.

Investigators from the Portland Police Child Abuse Team started looking into the case, and in May they arrested Cedrell Washington, 20, and Deshawn Rogers, 22.

A grand jury reviewed the case and decided to charge Washington and Rogers on several felony sex crime charges, including "using a child in display of sexually explicit conduct," "sex abuse in the first degree" and "encouraging child sex abuse."

On Thursday, detectives arrested two additional men they said are connected to the case. They had been looking for Nicholas Kelly Clisby, 23, and Terry Scott, 18, and found them after getting tips from the public.

It's not yet clear exactly what charges Clisby and Scott will face.

Detectives think there might be additional victims beyond the two girls they already know about. They are asking anyone with information about the case or the whereabouts of Clisby and Scott to contact Det. Tommy Walker at (503) 823-0254 or

A police spokesman said he could not release more details about the alleged crime because the victims are underage sex crime victims.

Cook said teachers took the time to speak with students about the case.

"It was a hot topic, as you would expect it to be, and we spoke with kids, talked about the situation, dealt with it honestly and openly and it died down rather quickly," he said.