Tire slashings caught on neighbor's surveillance camera

PORTLAND, Ore. - Another rash of intentionally destroyed tires has hit Portland, police said.

"Probably at least thirty," Greg Moore told KATU. He lives in the Woodstock neighborhood where he's watched dozens of tires turn up flat the next morning.

Worried he might be next Moore installed a security camera that ended up catching someone slashing tires across the street early Tuesday morning.

Neighbors who've been hit more than once in just one week hope the video helps police track down the slasher or slashers before they strike again.

Henry Wolf who lives a block away says he can't afford it.

"I've replaced tires on all of our cars -- $1,242 ... and then he came back and did it again," Wolf told KATU.

On Tuesday morning, police had several calls to the area near Southeast 41st Avenue and Schiller Street from people who said their tires has been punctured. Police said those calls followed several similar reports last week.

Last summer, there were more than 500 reports filed about tire vandalism, with estimates for the total damage reaching as high as $500,000.

Police said they have no suspects, and don't know if this year's vandalism is related to last year's.

Police offered some tips to protect your tires:

  • Park off the street or in a garage if possible.
  • Leave your porch lights on at night, and add motion-sensor lights if you don't have them.
  • If you have a security camera, turn it toward your vehicle.

If you see somebody you suspect is vandalizing tires, call 911. If you have any information about the incidents, call (503) 823-3333.