'Tomato Man' hopes someone can help him find beloved 3-wheeled motorcycle

GRESHAM, Ore. - Ray Fox knows his neighbors so well, they call him by a special name.

"They call me 'Tomato Man," Fox says.

That's because of his huge backyard garden that supplies neighbors with all kinds of summertime vegetables.

"And then I'll rototill down to the end, down there partway, then I'll plant the rest of them down at the end of that row," Fox says.

But something's rotten in Fox's world, and it has nothing to do with tomatoes. It has to do with his stolen 3-wheeled motorcycle, one of his most prized posessions.

"Everybody knows I love that, that trike," Fox said. "Even when I went to McDonald's. And down here at the service station. Everybody knows me with that trike."

Last Friday a man Ray Fox knows came by his place. The man knew Ray wanted to sell his beloved machine to get his wife of 55 years some dental work.

Fox recalls, "And he was talkin' bout well can I take it for a ride? And I was just said 'well, yeah.' So I got my helmet, started it up, and he left and never did come back."

Fox's neighbors can't believe it.

"Well, we felt very hurt because he's a really good friend," Neighbor Alma Sanchez says. "We consider him like family, and we're always hanging out here and someone doing this to him, you know, who would do something like that?"

Fox doesn't know either. Ray Fox does know the man who took his trike is aware what it means to him, and took it anyway.

"I'd just like to take him down and beat him 'til he couldn't walk no more," says Fox. "But you know, you can't do that. That's, that's not the law. The law's gotta take care of it."