Torrential rain floods Beaverton neighborhood, causing tens of thousands of $$$ in damage

BEAVERTON, Ore - Heavy rain near Jesuit High School on Wednesday evening has left one neighborhood with tens of thousands of dollars in flood damage.

At least four homes on Jamieson Court, which runs alongside a tributary of Beaverton Creek, suffered major water damage.

Ed Chivers, whose basement accumulated over two feet of water, said the problem is inadequate drainage from the tributary.

It's a problem he said the neighborhood has had to deal with for years.

"(Flooding) happens every year one to two times per year. And all it takes is 10 minutes of a your-wipers-on-high-and-you-can't-see type of a rain," Chivers said.

Chivers pointed to a single pipe along the tributary responsible for draining water. He said it simply isn't enough to handle floods.

On that point, Chivers and the city of Beaverton agree.

"The system simply isn't designed to handle (that rainfall)," Beaverton Public Works Director Peter Arellano said. He added: "You can't build storm drains big enough to handle that."

When asked about the other times Jamieson court has flooded, Arellano pointed to debris blocking the drainage pipe as the cause.

But Chivers said he and his family work to keep that pipe clear. He believes something else is to blame: nearby Jesuit High School's football and softball fields, which were remodeled with turf in 2001.

"Before that ball field was revamped - no floods," Chivers said.

Arellano said he does not believe Jesuit's fields have anything to do with the flooding.

He told KATU he has a team investigating the drainage system to see if there are any problems contributing to the flooding that it can fix.