Transportation summit spotlights alternative fuels

PORTLAND, Ore. - How do you want to power your car in five years?

At the Green Transportation Summit and Expo in Portland, local companies capitalizing on fuels like propane and natural gas are betting businesses and state agencies will continue to turn away from traditional gas-powered vehicles.

Summit Directorz Brian Trice, said companies in attendance were encouraged by Governor Brown signing the low carbon fuels bill into law.

The expo features various demonstrations of the effectiveness of alternative fuels, including a crane truck powered by propane, an all-electric 1972 Datsun and a race car running on renewable diesel.

Several companies at the summit told KATU News converting gas vehicles to alternative fuels can save businesses big bucks in the long run.

"Propane is really hot right now because it's inexpensive," Trice said.

He emphasized the infrastructure is in place for businesses to reliably fill their rigs with propane fuel.