TriMet bus driver again accused of kicking a mom, kids off bus

PORTLAND, Ore. - A TriMet bus driver has been placed on paid leave after she was accused of kicking a mother and her four kids off the bus on June 7.

KATU News has confirmed it's the same bus driver who was accused of a similar incident last fall.

In October, angry passengers tried to reason with the driver.

In the latest incident a Forest Grove police officer said he was called to the scene and the driver told him she didn't want people crying on the bus.

A witness on the bus told the Forest Grove News-Times newspaper that the mother of the children was causing the ruckus and the five of them began to cry after the driver told them to get off the bus because their fare tickets had expired.

The driver eventually made the woman and children exit the bus at 19th Avenue and B Street, which is the end of the line for the No. 57 bus route. It was after 11 p.m.

The Forest Grove police officer eventually drove the family home to Cornelius.