TriMet cop shows Texas couple a little Portland hospitality

PORTLAND, Ore. - There's obviously no TriMet service in Cascade Locks.

Yet that's exactly where TriMet transit police deputy Adam Zishka found himself earlier this week.

Turns out, going out of your way to help somebody sometimes means literally going out of your way.

Zishka heard a report on Tuesday that somebody had seen a wallet go flying off the back of a truck near 181st and Sandy. He tracked it down.

"Inside, I found credit card, social security card, driver's license from a gal from Texas," he said.

It turns out, the woman was in the middle of a 4,600 mile road trip. Zishka got her phone number from her cell provider and called her.

He told her if she turned around, he'd meet her near the county line.

It was there that a KATU viewer spotted Zishka and wondered why he'd roamed so far from his turf.

"TriMet fully supports community police efforts," he said. "I knew they wouldn't have a concern if I were out of jurisdiction to help this girl out."

The woman - her name is Beth, but she didn't want her last name used - was grateful, of course.

"It was very appreciated," she said in a phone interview. "You know, we're Texans, and we like people to be friendly. He sure did prove that about your police force."