TriMet reports largest ever crime reduction

TriMet reports largest ever crime reduction (KATU)

PORTLAND, Ore- It's another busy day on the MAX running in northeast Portland. Passengers of all ages are enjoying the weather and the views.

Just like it's trains, TriMet is rolling right now, coming off a record year when it comes to crime reduction.

"We've seen the largest drop in crime on TriMet to the tune of 40 percent in 2015," Commander Mike Leloff said.

Leloff is with Portland Police. His job is to keep riders and operators safe on TriMet and that's no easy task.

"It's really an intriguing system because you've got 533 miles of system and the community is large, it's 320,000 trips a day over 102 million rides a year," Leloff said.

Despite the overwhelming numbers, Leloff says crime is down across the system. So how did they do it? More community involvement, added officers patrolling the system, and the addition of outreach workers on some trains. Many users are taking notice.

Mark Sauer rides TriMet five days a week for his commute, he feels so safe that he's taking his young son Eric along for a weekend ride.

"Never had any problems with crime really. No big concerns. It's usually pretty safe," Sauer said.

And it's not just locals who are noticing the progress.

"I love Portland, love the transportation system," Lori Rhodes said.

Rhodes is visiting from California, she's ridden larger transit systems but says TriMet is the way to go.

"I feel safe, I feel comfortable. It's easy to buy the ticket, it's easy to know where you are going and get where ever you need to be," Rhodes said.

But TriMet admits there's work to do. Crime is still a concern on several bus lines including the 72 which runs along Killingsworth. TriMet reports it's one of four lines which had more than 10 reported crimes in 2015. The others are line four which runs along Division and Fessenden, line 12 which covers Barbour and Sandy and line 57 on TV Highway and Forest Grove.

And while crime against people who ride the trains might be down, it's actually up against operators and TriMet employees. So they are asking for your help. If you see any crime in progress be sure to report it.

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