Troutdale pays Reynolds shooter's brother nearly $4,000 for rifle, ammo

TROUTDALE, Ore. -- The city of Troutdale will keep the rifle used in the Reynolds High School shooting, after the city reached an agreement with the shooter's brother and paid him almost $4,000 for the gun and other items.

Jared Padgett, 14, used his brother's Lucas' rifle when he shot and killed his classmate Emilio Hoffman in June of last year, then took his own life.

Lucas Padgett's attorney, Shawn Kollie, filed a motion in Multnomah County Circuit Court on Aug. 13, asking a judge to force the city of Troutdale and the state of Oregon to return Padgett's property that was still being held by the state.

At a hearing on September 16, Multnomah Circuit Judge Michael Greenlick ordered the city to return the gun to Padgett unless it could prove within 45 days that the gun was still being used as evidence.

Sometime between that hearing and last week, an agreement was reached for the city to purchase Lucas' rifle, and the other items, from him. According to a news release, the city will eventually request an order for "the final disposition of the property."

Troutdale City Council approved an item on the consent agenda called "A Resolution to Acquire Certain Personal Property and Settle Certain Litigation" during its regular meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 13. On page 95 of the agenda packet there is more information about the deal but it is still vague.

City Councilor John Wilson confirmed to KATU that the city paid Lucas for the rifle, its ammunition and anything else found at the scene.

City Attorney Ed Trompke confirmed to KATU late Tuesday night that the exact amount of public money paid to Lucas was $3,950.

In an email to Trompke Tuesday night, KATU News Investigator Hillary Lake asked him, "Why is the resolution listed as "A Resolution to Acquire Certain Personal Property and Settle Certain Litigation" on the consent agenda? Was the city trying to not bring attention to it?"

Trompke, who said he is out-of-town this week, replied, "Good night. Nearly 1 am."

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