Trumpet stolen from Portland musician: 'Without it, I've got no voice'

PORTLAND, Ore. - Playing the trumpet is not just a hobby to Caleb Denison. It's his passion.

"I do it because I have to. I'm a musician by nature, and it's something I need to do to feed my soul," he said.

But now his instrument is gone, along with other equipment he uses to perform.

"It's a combination of emotions. I'm angry, I'm frustrated, I'm deeply upset," Denison said. "I'm distraught without my equipment."

Denison said a thief stole his trumpet as he was getting ready to play a First Thursday concert last week at his friend's new grocery store. Someone walked up and stole his bag while he wasn't looking, he said.

"This guy's got some guts, man. He's probably going through my bag trying to figure out what's in it."

His friend spotted the suspect in surveillance video from Local Choice Produce Market at 830 NW Everett Street.

"He's a skinny, lanky fella with a specific kind of walk. And in the still photo you can see enough of the guy's face to make him out," said Denison.

In a post on the KATU YouNews page, Denison listed the items stolen:

  • Bach 37 trumpet in a blue bag

  • Shure SM 57 microphone

  • Mic cable

  • Chuck Findley model Marcinkiewicz mouthpiece

Denison said the total value of the items is about $3,300. He said he'd be willing to pay a reward to anyone who can help him get them back. Anyone who recognizes the suspect is asked to call Portland police.

"My trumpet is kinda like my voice, you know? And without it, I've got no voice."