Turkey stirs up trouble at Tualatin shopping center

TUALATIN, Ore. -- Post-Christmas shopping was disrupted for a while Friday morning at a busy Tualatin plaza, when police got calls about a turkey blocking a business door and jumping on car hoods.

"We all started looking out the windows we're like 'woah'!" said Panera Bread employee Lane Heinz. "Everybody who came in was definitely, they were kind of worried, not sure they could get in the door. because at one point he was just hanging out over here by our door."

Fish and wildlife officers came to the shopping center, and either didn't find the turkey, or shooed him away.

ODFW says it's rare for a wild turkey to be in the Tualatin area. The turkey's probably domestic and got out of a cage. As long as it's not being aggressive, wildlife officers won't try to trap him.

Turns out, he lives nearby. Our crew spotted him, but he had no comment.