Two Clark County rafters turn up safe after overnight search

CLARK COUNTY, Wash. - After a week plagued by drownings on waters around the area, authorities finally got some good news Tuesday morning.

Two 18-year-old Clark County men turned up around 7:30 a.m. after they'd been reported missing because they hadn't returned from a rafting trip.

Vancouver's Austin Butler and Ridgefield's Sampson Langworthy were on the East Fork of the Lewis River when their small inflatable raft popped Monday night.

They began walking downstream, but slippery rocks and shallow water made it tricky. Eventually, they went to sleep on the riverbank.

Meanwhile, their parents called police around 12:30 a.m. because they hadn't returned home. round crews and aircraft began searching soon after.

Butler and Langworthy said they could hear the aircraft and the teams calling for them, but they weren't able to make contact.

Finally, the two found a farmhouse along J.A. Moore Rd. and were reunited with their families.

Other than some bites and scratches, both were OK.

Although they didn't bring cell phones, the lifejackets both brought turned out to be immensely helpful as they waded downstream. They were also able to use the lifejackets to keep warm at night.