Family finds couple dead after apparent Bull Mountain murder-suicide shooting

Concerned family members found a couple dead in their home in the Bull Mountain area Thursday morning in an apparent murder-suicide shooting.

Lisa Malone, 48, and Leonard Foster, 48, were dead when detectives eventually entered the home after more than two hours of tension.

According to a report from the Washington County Sheriff's Office, deputies determined they didn't have legal grounds to enter the home after family members called 911 reporting a possible gunshot from inside around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. After the shot, the couple told the family members they were fine and didn't want to talk.

While on the phone with a 911 dispatcher, the family member reported hearing more gunshots, but the dispatcher didn't hear them through the phone. Neighbors later told deputies they didn't hear the gunshots, either, the report said. Deputies also observed lights getting turned on and off in the home while they were there.

“It’s kind of scary and it’s just sad. It’s sad that people can’t figure out something without having to go to those results," says a neighbor named Robert who didn't want to use his last name.

According to the initial investigation, the deaths were the result of an apparent murder-suicide shooting on an upper floor of the residence. Detective Robert Rookhuyzen with the Washington County Sheriff's Office said the man shot the woman and then himself as part of some type of suicide agreement, though investigators had not found a suicide note.

“Everything’s pointed that direction. There was also a note on the door telling their loved ones not to come in," says Detective Rookhuyzen who added that there was evidence of drug use at the scene including heroin and drug paraphernalia.

Tualatin Police recently opened an embezzlement investigation into both Malone and Foster. According to the police report, the couple had been accused of stealing money from Fahey Machinery, where both were employed. A representative from Fahey Machinery, located in Lake Oswego, said "no comment" when reached by phone.

Rookhuyzen told KATU News that the owner of Fahey Machinery thinks the losses could be up to a quarter of a million dollars, stolen through cash advances on credit cards and fraudulent checks. The owner reportedly asked for a copy of the financial records after taking a loss in 2016, and the couple virtually disappeared soon after, claiming to be out of town with spotty cell service due to a "family illness."

“They may have learned the police were involved, and kind of the world was closing in on them, and we think that factored into where we are today," said Rookhuyzen.

Malone and Foster had lived in the three-story home in the 13600 block of Southwest Willow Top Lane for more than a year. Officials said there have been no domestic violence calls at this address while the couple lived there.

If you have any information on this incident or the couple, call detectives at 503-846-2500.


[The Associated Press contributed to this report.]


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