Two people detained after reported road rage 'ramming' involving a gun in Vancouver

Two detained after reported 'ramming' road rage incident in Vancouver.jpg

Troopers detained two people involved in a reported "ramming" road rage incident on State Road 14 and 15 in the Vancouver area Thursday morning.

Early reports indicated a gun was involved. Troopers have since said no firearms were found in either vehicle.

The Washington State Patrol caught up to the drivers on Highway 99 and detained them when they came to a stop at the intersection of 8th Avenue and 86th Street.

The below cellphone video, captured by Robert Jester, who was driving home from work, painted a telling picture.

“I was on Highway 99, where the white van is, and then they were coming off I-5 this way,” he said.

Once the two vehicles reached the intersection of Northeast 78th and Highway 99, Jester said both drivers started acting aggressively.

“They did about three doughnuts in the intersection, and that chunk of wood flew out of the black trunk and there were car parts everywhere,” he said.

The large chunk of wood now sits on the sidewalk after narrowly missing other cars in the intersection.

“They looped around this way, and it could have flown out at any time,” Jester said.

Washington State Patrol says the whole incident started 11 miles away on SR 14.

The car and truck chased and rammed one another north on Interstate 5 until both exited at Northeast 78th.

It left drivers like Amy, shocked.

“I very quickly realized that they were angry with one another,” Amy said.

Troopers say numerous 911 calls were made about the two vehicles.

“They were bumper to bumper," Amy said. "The truck was spinning circles, dragging the car with it and then detached and reattached. It was a big mess of spinning and ramming cars.”

Eventually, the two were stopped. Matthew Champagne, 36, and 27-year-old Kaio Vaigafa were arrested and loaded into the back of squad cars.

WSP said both men were charged with Assault 2 and Reckless Driving. They are being held in the Clark County Jail.

It's unclear if the two people knew one another or if the reported road rage was between strangers.

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