Underage stripper says club never asked to see ID

SALEM, Ore. - Nicole Madril says she would get $80 to $100 in tips a night to dance naked at a local strip club.But she's only 17 years old, and now the owner of Presley's Playhouse Cabaret is under investigation.Madril said her bosses never asked her age and that she never openly offered it to them.She danced for six straight nights, was even given alcohol and said she would have kept stripping if her mother, Christina Lopez, hadn't found out.Her mother found platform shoes in her daughter's backpack."When I seen they were big and ugly like this, I knew something was up," Lopez said."She found the shoes and those aren't no daytime, going-to-church shoes," Madril said. "They're nine-inch heels."She confessed to her mom about her new job."People tell me I look about 19 or 20. I know I don't look 17," she said.But she is 17, and the owner of Presley's didn't care, Madril said."She didn't ask for ID or anything. She was like, 'we need a stage name.' ... She said: 'It's first song, topless; second song, naked.'""It makes me sick," said Lopez. "Makes me really sick thinking, you know, she's 17, but to me she still's got a little kid's body."Lopez reported the club to the OLCC after she confronted workers at the club who reportedly told her they had a copy of her daughter's ID. But they never could prove it."I had it (ID) with me, and I offered to show her, and she was like, 'No, it's OK,'" said Madril.The owner of the club is out of town and unavailable for comment. A bartender said she never saw Madril.Lopez said her daughter takes some responsibility for the situation but "If a place is going to hire somebody, you need to check their ID to see who they are.""On my behalf, I feel kind of guilty not showing her the ID but, with her being an adult, she should have asked. The bartender serving me alcohol should have asked," Madril said.Lopez said the business needs to be shut down and Madril said the owner should be sent to jail.Madril said she danced to get money to help raise her daughter who is almost two years old.Lopez said her daughter joked about going to work there but never thought she would actually get hired.According to the state, the strip club will for sure be slapped with one citation for having an underage stripper. But the severity depends on the results of an ongoing investigation. The state wants to know how much the business knew and tried to find out about the teen before hiring her.