Vancouver girl kills herself after being bullied, family says

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A 14-year-old Vancouver girl has taken her own life, and her family and friends say it's because her classmates bullied her.

Eden Wormer's family says she tried to get the bullies to stop. Her family and friends say no matter what she did to try to fit in, a group of girls still put her through emotional torture that went on for two years.

Eden was an eighth-grader at Cascade Middle School in Northeast Vancouver.

Her father discovered her dead Wednesday morning. She had hanged herself.

On Eden's Facebook page, other students posted messages about bullying. One post reads: "It's sad to think it took someone to kill themselves for everyone to realize what bullying can truly do."

Her older sister, Audri, said Eden changed her appearance several times in an effort to get the girls to stop harassing her.

Audri said Eden begged her not to tell the school about the bullying because she thought it would only make it worse.

"Halfway through the seventh grade was when it started to get really bad," Audri said. "The bullying just kept getting worse, and I kept telling her I'm going to do something, I'm going to do something, and I should have done something. I should have just not listened to her. I should have done something, because maybe she would have been here. I just want her back."

Vancouver police say they have not found any evidence to indicate the bullying rose to the level of a crime. The Evergreen School District is investigating.

The district urges students or family to report bullying. The district has posted information on its website on ways to report bullying anonymously through email and texting.

There was a candlelight vigil in honor of Eden at Cascade Middle School Thursday night.

KATU News found out about Eden's suicide while talking to another student at Cascade Middle School who says he was bullied.

Izaya Hamilton, 13, says he ended up in the emergency room Wednesday because of it.

He has a black eye, a bump on his head and marks on his shoulder.

He says he's been bullied since last April. His mother plans to pull him from the school.

School leaders say they can't comment on individual cases. They can only say they take bullying seriously.

About 200 people came out to the vigil on campus Thursday night. They came to remember Eden Wormer, to mourn her, but also to talk about bullying. With permission from each of their parents these children shared their stories. They wanted to talk about their experiences because of Eden. Watch below: