Vancouver organic food co-op on edge of closure

      VANCOUVER, Wash. (AP) - A Vancouver nonprofit grocery store is struggling under the weight of unpaid co-op debts and a dearth of volunteers who promised to help out.

      The Vancouver Food Cooperative approved its charter and bylaws in 2009, established an online store and opened a member owned-and-operated store in downtown. Its mission is to provide local, organic and healthy food.

      But The Columbian reports the cooperative is close to dissolving without a quick infusion of volunteers.

      Despite a membership of more than 400, there's been a core of around 15 who are involved in running the store.

      The co-op has grown 4 or 5 percent per month since opening, and now pulls in revenues of approximately $20,000 per month.

      Founders say that makes the likely closure even harder to accept.