Vancouver police: Missing 3-year-old boy found safe

VANCOUVER, Wash. Police say a 3-year-old boy who was reported missing early Friday in Vancouver may have wandered off.

Spokeswoman Kim Kapp says Ajay Sardis was found safe at a nearby residence and reunited with his family. Detectives are investigating what happened.

Kapp says a parent left Ajay with a relative overnight at a duplex. The relative woke up about 3 a.m. Friday to check on the boy and found him missing. The door was unlocked.

Kapp says Ajay was later found a residence close to where he was staying. He apparently was not harmed. She says police presume he wandered away on his own.

KATU's Stephen Mayer said a man who lives nearby approached him at the scene and said he'd found Ajay. The man spoke with police and officers took the boy out of his apartment.