Vancouver waitress gets $700 tip as seed money for jewelry business

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- It's always a good feeling when someone says they believe in you. But when they throw in a $700 gift as proof of that belief, it takes on some extra meaning.

A Vancouver waitress received that humbling and generous gift this past weekend from one of her customers at the Mint Tea.

"She was a beautiful woman," said Rosie Salice. "She wiped a tear from my face and then disappeared in a very angelic kind of way."

Rosie's angelic encounter started when she served the woman and her family. Rosie was wearing a hand-made necklace made with a crystal. She says the woman noticed the necklace almost immediately.

"She's like, 'have you ever thought of selling them?'" recounted Rosie. "I'm like, 'well, I thought about that.'"

Rosie had given thought to a jewelry business but wasn't sure how to get it off the ground. The woman then mentioned that she'd be willing to pay for a similar necklace. Rosie was flattered but didn't give the thought much attention.

The woman took Rosie aside as she was leaving and handed her two pieces of paper. One was a check for $700 to help Rosie start a jewelry business. The other was a note that said 'I Believe in You.'

"I was so filled with this warmth that somebody I don't know, had nothing to gain from this, was willing to put her faith in me and invest in me," said Rosie. "That's really powerful."

Rosie makes the jewelry with her sister, Annamaria, and their other friend, Marisa Marquez. They plan to use all the money to get a business license and additional supplies.