Vancouver woman hopes for safe return of stolen American flag

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A Vancouver woman is hoping for the safe return of an American flag that was stolen off of a flagpole in her front yard.

"I just felt it was really brazen to come into my yard and actually take it off the pole," said Jann Byrd.

Byrd walked out of her house early one morning in November and noticed some yellow ribbons she had tied in her tree were laying on the sidewalk.

"I turned around and that's when I just happened to catch a glimpse of my flagpole," she said. "The U.S. flag was gone. The service star flag was still attached to the rope but partly on the ground."

Byrd displayed both flags and the yellow ribbons in honor of her son, William, who is currently serving as an Army major in Afghanistan. William had given the U.S. flag to his mom as a gift.

"When he was in Iraq on one of his many tours, he flew a flag there and then he took it with them when he went to Afghanistan before and flew it there," she said. "Then he brought it home and gave it to me."

Because of its history, the flag has special meaning to Byrd.

"It wasn't just something he bought and shipped home," she said. "He actually flew it for me in those locations and brought it home."

Byrd has since replaced the flag with another one that has been flown in Kosovo. But she hopes for the safe return of the original flag, or at least some respect from whoever took it.

"If you're going to keep it, please fly it the way it's meant to be flown," Byrd said. "If you still have it and aren't going to do that and don't want it, if you'd just bring it back and put it on my front porch, I'd love to have it back. It means something to me."