Vancouver's Crestline Elementary gets a new home away from home

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Crestline Elementary students are all under the same roof again for the first time since February.

Of course, it's not the same roof they were under last school year - that building burned down in a massive fire.

And it's not the new Crestline - students just helped break ground on that Tuesday, and it won't be finished until next fall.

For now, the school's 500 students will be housed in a former Hewlett Packard building that's been renovated to include classrooms, a gym, a playground and a cafeteria.

"I like it because last year we had a very small room, so I'm excited to have a big room," said fifth-grader Reagan Griffith.

The students were distributed among other schools in the district after last year's fire.

Regina Ek has two children at Crestline - 6-year-old Kalli and a 8-year-old Serey. They were sent to separate schools after the fire.

"I'm just glad that they're going to the same school," she said. "Last year was really overwhelming for a lot of parents having two kids going to different schools.

"It's bittersweet for me. I'm glad they're going to school, but I'm nervous about it."

The temporary facility is about three miles from the old school.

Investigators still haven't determined the cause of the fire.