Vandalism with a (cinnamon) twist?

HILLSBORO, Ore. -- It's vandalism with a twist. In this case maybe a cinnamon twist. Somebody's been pelting cars and smearing windows with sticky pastries in Hillsboro.

Hillsboro police say they've never seen anything like it.

Neither have people in the Hawthorn Farm Village or Dawson Creek neighborhoods, but they've sure been seeing a lot of it.

There have been dozens of incidents and reports in the last month and a half.

One victim told police she'd seen it happen around her neighborhood 13 times.

Another victim said it happened to her half-a-dozen times.

Carl Davis thought he was the only one until the neighborhood association newsletter came out warning people about the vandalism.

Davis' car has been nailed twice with chocolate bars.

"I'm this close to putting up surveillance cameras," he said. "If it happens again, I probably will."

Police think kids are getting pastries from the nearby Albertsons and Winco Foods and bringing them into the neighborhoods.

Both stores keep their garbage facilities secure, so police think the doughnuts are either stolen or paid for.

"That's expensive," says retired veteran John Wair, who's seen the vandalism on his street.

"Back in my day we used soap. It was cheaper and easier to clean up."

The sugary frosting could damage the paint and finish on a car if it's left on too long.

Police really don't have any suspects right now, but they are making extra patrols through the neighborhoods.

Carl Davis has an idea of how they should be punished.

"How about wash everybody's car in the neighborhood. I think the punishment should fit the crime."

Hillsboro police would like to hear from you if you know anything about the vandalism.