Veteran's vintage vehicle stolen from driveway

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ore. - The trail has gone cold in a search for a vintage car that vanished from its owner's driveway. Police are asking for your help to find the car, and the thieves who took it.

Reggie Graves, 74, spends his days tinkering on cars that are almost as old as he is. He collects and restores Model A Fords.

Last month, a brown coupe with a rumble seat in the back was stolen from his driveway on his property near Hillsboro. Graves said he spent about $10,000 restoring it.

"I put in a touring engine which had some modifications," he said. "I rebuilt the rear end."

He left his house the morning of July 15. He came back a few hours later and the coupe was gone. Graves said he has no idea who or how they stole it.

"I think they loaded it in a van because I had two ramps and they stole my ramps along with it," he said.

The entire ordeal has made the Vietnam veteran heart-sick.

"It's been almost a month and i can finally laugh about it, but i felt pretty miserable there for a couple of weeks," Graves said.

Graves wants his car back. Even though it's already been gone a month, he said he believes someone knows something about its whereabouts.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office wants to hear from anyone who might have information that could help them locate Graves' car.