Video of tow truck driver's rant goes viral; he loses his job

PORTLAND, Ore. - In total, a video showing an angry tow truck driver ranting to a business owner has 26 expletives in the roughly two-and-a-half-minute video.

The viral video has a lot of people talking and now the tow truck driver with 3 Boys Towing in Gresham is out of a job.

The spat happened at a Fairview strip mall on Friday afternoon. The driver had responded to tow a car and, according to witnesses, began yelling at an elderly woman to move her car.

Business owner Dean Hurford intervened and one of his employees, Andres Malagon, captured the exchange on the video.

Malagon posted it on his Facebook page and it quickly went viral. On Saturday afternoon, it had more than 550 shares and the number was continuing to climb.

Hurford explained why he decided to confront the tow truck driver.

"There's a poor little old lady, elderly woman, yelling at her (to) back the (expletive) up. Back the (expletive) up," he said.

Hurford stood his ground.

"I go stand behind his truck, say, 'You're not going to. He says, ' I am going to back over you,'" Hurford said.

Malagon had a bright idea.

"I pull out my phone. I thought it was the best protection," he said.

Police responded and calmed everyone down. No arrests were made.

When reached for comment, the owner of 3 Boys Towing wouldn't identify the driver, but said he had been fired.

Three Boys also posted an apology on it Facebook page, writing in part: "I do run a professional company and will continue to do so."