Wash. DUI suspect hands cops a beer, claims to be gov't assassin

KENT, Wash. - A suspected drunk driver handed police a can of beer when they asked for his driver's license and then claimed to be an assassin for the U.S. government after officers stopped him last week in Kent.

The bizarre incident unfolded on the evening of June 8 as officers responded to a 7-Eleven parking lot after receiving 911 calls about a drunk driver, said Assistant Chief Pat Lowery of the Kent police.

Arriving at the scene, officers spotted the man walking out of the store toward his car with a can of beer in his hand. Several witnesses told police they had seen the man drive into the parking lot and became concerned when they saw how drunk he appeared to be.

But when officers asked the man for his driver's license, he said he didn't have to cooperate in any way and then handed the officers the can of beer, Lowery said.

He said officers were somewhat surprised by that.

"When you ask somebody for a driver's license, you're not expecting a can of beer, that's for sure," he said.

But that's not all. The suspected drunk driver then went on to make several claims that he was a paid assassin for the U.S. government and that he had killed several people on behalf of the government.

"Based on his physical demeanor, his physical condition, he was obviously intoxicated, so the officer placed him under arrest for DUI," Lowery said.

While talking with the man, later identified as Omar Medina, 26, officers also learned that he had three previous DUI arrests and that his license had been revoked.

He was placed under arrest on suspicion of felony DUI and driving with a suspended license.

Lowery said this was a great example of the public alerting the police to a potentially dangerous situation and working with officers to avert the danger.

"And because of that, we potentially avoided a very serious traffic accident, likely injuries or death," Lowery said. "Mr. Medina was very intoxicated, based on what I've seen in the report. There's no doubt he could have caused a great deal of trouble."