Watch 20/20 tonight: Giving rape survivors the control

Ashland, Oregon is in the spotlight on tonight's 20/20.

The town's university and police department are helping lead the way in giving rape survivors the control.

Southern Oregon University is known for its theater program, but no one could have written the drama that was about to unfold here in an off-campus apartment. Nikki Genthe's college boyfriend, Luke Smith, admitted to raping her in his bed after she had taken sleeping pills.

The Southern University music major went to Angela Fleischer.

Fleischer is behind a program that is bucking a trend in how colleges deal with campus sexual assault.

Fleischer says it gives the survivors the control, and it appears to be working.

Learn more about Nikki's story and the program by watching tonight's hour-long episode of 20/20. It starts at 10 p.m. right after shark tank on KATU.

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