Weird, crazy & dramatic ... but Maddi, 17, was loved by so many

WEST LINN -- Maddi Higgins would sometimes pose in front of the mirror and wink at herself.

She pierced her nose before a softball game and tried hiding it with a band-aid.

She was weird, crazy, random, spazzy, dramatic and overly exaggerated.

Let's not forget Maddi, 17, was also selfless and fun -- "99 percent of the time."

At least, that's how Maddi's sisters, father, grandmother, best friend, teacher and coach remembered her in a memorial service Saturday at a church in West Linn.

Maddi died on Monday after suffering critical injuries in a car crash on Sunday. She was a junior at West Linn High School.

"She was probably the weirdest person I ever met," said one of her sisters in front of a crowd of hundreds of people who laughed almost as much as they cried listening to the eulogies.

"It's impossible to get answers to questions we've all had in this tragedy," said Maddi's dad, Mike Higgins, who admitted he encouraged his daughter to switch from baseball to softball when she said her goal was to be the first woman in the Major Leagues.

"You never wan to dissuade kids from dreams, right? That was a high goal. I encouraged her to play softball," said Higgins.

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