What happens when a Kickstarter project fails to launch?

PORTLAND, Ore. - The Oregon Attorney General's Office is looking into complaints about a Portland man's defunct project that he funded through Kickstarter.

More than 1,200 people backed Eric Chevalier's project, a board game called 'The Doom That Came To Atlantic City!' through a company called The Forking Path. The company was able to raise more than $120,000 through the popular fundraising website but the project never became a reality.

Chevalier posted updates on the Kickstarter site over the last year, telling people there were minor delays but the project was still moving forward. However, just a couple of days ago, he posted a statement that read "The project is over. The game is canceled."

So was this simply a failure or outright fraud? And will the backers ever be able to get their money back?

Chevalier did promptly respond to an email from KATU News and stated that he "would very much like to get my side of the story out there, but at the moment I'm seeking legal advice." He also stated "it was never a case of fraud, simply mistakes and unfortunate events behind the scenes."

He has recently posted updates on the Kickstarter project website stating that several people have already received refunds and that he does plan to get the money back to everyone who sent in money. He also stated on the site - "I really am sorry."

According to Kickstarter's terms of service, Chevalier is required to provide refunds if he can't deliver on his promise. But it's up to the backers to sue - Kickstarter is very clear that it won't get involved.

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