What you're saying with those Valentine's Day flowers

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A rose is a rose, right?

Not on Valentine's Day it isn't.

Guys, she's going to read into those flowers you send her. We went to florist warehouse Portland Flower Market Tuesday morning to help you figure out which flowers say it best.

Flower expert Chris Papst said, "The tulip shape of the flower represents the heart and so in mystical times the red rose came to represent, true love."

Papst said you don't have to send red roses to show you love your sweetie. Other flowers might say it better.

"This can mean love, too. Crystal Blanca lilies is the totem flower of motherhood. So it can be for a new mother or it also can mean enduring love," Papst said.

Want to really impress her? Get a bouquet of her favorite flower. Or better yet come up with your own message.

"We have here lovely bird of paradise, reminiscent of a vacation in Hawaii! This is a wonderful reminder of your honeymoon or it could say this is what we're going to be doing," Papst said.

Bottom line: Pick thoughtfully, and she'll pick you.