'Wheelbarrow Burglar' arrested in Idaho

BOISE, Idaho - A man known as the "Wheelbarrow Burglar," who was wanted in connection with several burglaries in Oregon, was arrested in Idaho.

Marion County sheriff's deputies said Billie Jo Shrader was arrested Wednesday after a homeowner spotted him breaking into a vacation home in Lowman, Idaho.

Boise County sheriff's deputies said they are also investigating Shrader for burglaries similar to those near Detroit Lake, Ore.

Shrader is suspected of breaking into several vacation homes and living in them for days at a time. He allegedly took showers, ate food and drank liquor that he found in the homes, according to Marion County Sheriff's Office spokesman Don Thomson.

He's also accused of stealing camping gear, blankets and clothes when he left. Deputies called Shrader the "Wheelbarrow Burglar" because they said he used a wheelbarrow to haul away the stolen items.

In October, a homeowner found a man, later identified as Shrader, living in his cabin along the Santiam Highway. He confronted him and took a cell phone photo before Shrader ran away.

Deputies said Shrader is cooperating with investigators in Idaho and telling them what he's been doing since he was released from prison in October.