"When you stuck the blade in my chest, I detected no humanity in your gaze"

PORTLAND, Ore. - Randy Davis' voice never wavered as he addressed his attacker.

"When you stuck the blade in my chest, I detected no humanity in your gaze - no soul, no nothing, just (a) blank expressionless expression on your face," he said Wednesday.

It was several months ago when Davis was walking out of a Dollar Tree store in the Lloyd District. He spotted a woman carrying his backpack that had been attached to his bike. When he confronted her about the apparent theft, the man she was with lunged at him, stabbing him.

Now suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Davis said he was dreading Wednesday's sentencing for the defendant in the stabbing, Paul Hargrow.

But reading his victim impact statement in front of Hargrow began his healing process.

"It is a weight off. You know, this morning when I woke up, I felt sick - physically sick just thinking about having to see him again," Davis said.

He believes it's ironic that something so negative can change him in so many ways.

"I thought I was dead that day and afterwards when I thought about it: life is so fleeting and it could end in a moment," Davis said. "I've gone back to do my bucket list. One of them is to complete my college degree."

He hopes the man who terrorized him can grow and change himself.

"I know that people can go to prison, find redemption and change the way you live," Davis said.

At the hearing on Wednesday, Hargrow pleaded guilty to robbery and assault charges and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. His only words to Davis came as he was leaving the courtroom.

Hargrow said: "Sorry about thatsincerely."

Davis wasn't the only victim in the case. When Davis was attacked, a bystander jumped in and pepper-sprayed Hargrow. The 32-year-old bystander then was also stabbed.

That man wasn't in court on Wednesday, but we're told his life has changed for the better: He was homeless at the time of the February attack and now has found a place to live and is also going back to school.