Where to recycle your Christmas tree this year

Most people with Christmas trees will take them down somewhere between now and a few days after the new year. Christmas tree recyclers are gearing up to handle the load. Here are the options for recycling your Christmas tree.

1. Curbside Recycling - Most cities and towns will let folks dispose of the tree through their yard debris recycling bin. Some municipalities require you to cut the tree into small pieces so they fit in the bin. Others will let you keep the tree in one piece and just set it by the bin on recycling day. It all depends on where you live and how big the tree is.

2. Nonprofit pickup - Several non-profit organizations, including Boy Scout Troops, will pick up your tree as part of a fundraising effort. Residents will typically give a small donation and the tree will be picked up on a certain day.

3. Drop-off recycling - Many of the same non-profit organizations that offer to pick up your tree will also staff certain drop-off locations. Those locations are only open at certain times and typically, just for one weekend. Small donations are still required. If you can't take your tree to one of these locations, you can always take it to any one of a number of recycling yards in the Portland area.

For a complete rundown of how to take advantage of any of these options, just visit Metro's website.