Who do these photos belong to?

Bryan Hackler of Sandy is turning to KATU in hopes of identifying the rightful owners of these pictures, originally snapped back in 1986.

The pictures were in an envelope that had slipped behind the drawers of an old file cabinet he'd purchased from a Goodwill store. Hackler has tried to track down the names written on the photo package, to no avail. Now he's hoping KATU or someone in our audience can help out.

"First of all I hope grandma and grandpa are still around to enjoy them," Hackler said. "It's just finishing the connection, the trip they were originally on, and making sure they get where they were supposed to be."

Here's what we know about the owners and the recipients: The sender was a Ron Matheny from Crooksville, Ohio. The pictures were intended for the Joe Furtney family of Aloha, Oregon. We've messaged them both on Facebook as they are likely the parties involved, but we're hoping someone can call or message the KATU newsroom with more recent 'where are they now' contact information.

Please email KATU's newsroom at

We'll have what we found tonight at 6 p.m.