Why did the bobcat come to the Wash. dog park?

REDMOND, Wash. - An apparent bobcat caught visitors by surprise as they came to the off-leash dog area of Redmond's Marymoor Park on Saturday.

The wild cat, who was lounging in the branches of a tree, looked down sleepily and unconcerned at the dogs as they ran and cavorted about 20 feet beneath him.

The dogs, meanwhile, seemed totally oblivious to the bobcat's presence.

But several human visitors noticed the tawny cat.

"It's beautiful, and it's kind of fun to watch at a dog park," said Laura Teague.

Gail Hale of Redmond said she has been coming to the park for nearly 19 years and had never seen anything like it.

"We've seen the deer, I've heard the coyotes - it's just mortifying, when you come late at night and you hear the coyotes crying," she said.

She said she figures the wild cat can take care of itself.

"He's happy, but he's not going to get down any time soon," she said. "Poor baby, he's going to be stuck up there. He'll get down at nighttime."