Why is nobody talking in case of Vancouver hit-and-run?

VANCOUVER, Wash. - Police arrested two women in connection with the tragic crash that killed two other women.

Detectives are still searching for the driver.

Sgt. Troy Price of the Vancouver Police Department said Linda Smith, 63, and Kalista Andino Rubio, 21, were arrested and charged with witness tampering.

The arrests were in response to the deaths of 28-year-old Irina Gardinant and 45-year-old Raisa Mosh, who were run down in a crosswalk on N.E. Vancouver Mall Dr. on Jan. 19 by a white truck. Mosh's 12-year-old son suffered minor injures.

Following the collision, Vancouver police launched a public campaign to find the white pickup, as well as a black pickup that drove by shortly afterward.

A white pickup with front-end damage was discovered at an apartment garage nearby, and the owner has refused to cooperate.

A source told KATU on Saturday that Kalista Andino Rubio lives at that complex with a man who records show is related to Smith. Records suggest he is Linda Smith's son.

KATU is not releasing the man's name because police will not say what his connection is - if any - to the case.

There were no answers at either Rubio's or Smith's listed addresses.

When reached by phone, a man who identified himself as Craig declined to comment and hung up the phone.

Smith and Andino were booked into Clark County Jail. It was not immediately clear whether they had hired lawyers.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.