Wine-tasting is sour grapes when your ride doesn't show up

BATTLE GROUND, Wash. -- Four months ago, Lexie Town booked a limousine for a day of wine-tasting in Hood River.

Town and her seven girlfriends planned to celebrate her birthday by visiting three wineries in July.

They paid close to $500 to G-Limos, a limo service based in Gresham, after they found a discount coupon on

If G-Limos sounds familiar, it's because the On Your Side Investigators uncovered a similar story back in December.

This time, G-Limos was scheduled to pick up Town and her friends at 9:30 am on July 12, according to Town.

At 8:30 am, the company called to cancel, she says.

At first, G-Limos claimed the limo broke down on the highway. But then someone else claimed there was a "rattling noise" that caused them to cancel, Town says,

"My gut is telling me no, it's not true," said Town, who received a refund from but says G-Limos still owes her $80. "My gut is telling me they booked with someone else paying full payment, instead of the LivingSocial payment."

G-Limos did not return our call on Friday.

G-Limos is owned by Erik Foster, according to city of Portland records, and it is not licensed to pick up passengers within city limits.

City regulators have warned G-Limos to stop doing business in Portland, according to officials.

The On Your Side Investigators have also uncovered similar complaints back in 2013.