Witness: after biker is run off road, fellow riders chase down car

EUGENE, Ore. -- Three people were taken into custody after a chase involving bikers and a car that went through Lane County Sunday evening.

Police said two male riders that were arrested are affiliated with the Brother Speed Motorcycle Club. A female passenger on one of the motorcycles was also arrested.

One witness said she saw a car run one rider off the road on Highway 126 eastbound.

"The motorcycle riders went in the passing lane and this vehicle went behind them and started getting in in the middle of them, and ran another one of the motorcycle riders into the opposite lane," said Dena Turner.

Turner said the vehicle drove into the middle of the group of motorcyclists and ran one of those motorcyclists off the road.

"Forced him out of his lane, he hit gravel, and then he lost control," said Turner. "I just can't believe that somebody would do that. These guys were riding safe...they were riding at a safe speed and this guy went right into the middle of them."

Police said a man and a woman in their 20s were in the vehicle. They have not been identified.

Turner said the vehicle took off, and the other riders chased the car.

"I would do the same thing, they followed him because he committed a crime. I mean, he didn't stop at the scene of the crime....he ran a guy off the road and kept going," said Turner.

Turner said she helped the motorcyclist that was run off the road. "He was coherent, he wasn't in shock, and his upper back hurt. But he looks like he's going to be OK, thank goodness," she said.

Further down Highway 126 at Greenhill Road, another witness told KVAL News he saw a group of motorcyclists -- driving at a high rate of speed -- surround a car on the road. The witness said the motorcyclists boxed the car in and started bashing out the car's windows while it was moving.

Police said one rider, Phillip Davis, 36, from Portland, used a leather leash with a metal hook on one end to break out one of the car's windows.

Oregon State Police stopped the riders near West 11th and Bailey Hill Road in Eugene. A KIAL News crew at the location saw three motorcyclists cuffed and talking to police.

Oregon State Police said along with Davis, they arrested Kenneth Cornell, 54, of Roseburg, and Amber Johnson, 36, of Myrtle Creek on various charges.

Multiple law enforcement agencies were on the scene, including Oregon State Police, Eugene Police, and Lane County Sheriff's Office.

Oregon State Police said the incident remains under investigation.