Woman, 25, shot and killed by police after Salem traffic stop - what happened?

SALEM, Ore. -- Neighbors heard the gunshots and now they're waiting for the police to explain what happened. How did a 25-year-old woman end up dead after a traffic stop on Friday night?

Salem Police say an officer stopped Jacklynn Ford, 25, a few minutes after 10 p.m. on Friday near Eastgate Basin Park.

Police say Ford ran away from the officer but would not discuss what happened next or how the officer ended up shooting her.

"I heard three gunshots and a scream," said a neighbor who lived near the park but did not want to use his name.

Another neighbor also heard gunshots, sirens, and a police dog barking.

Salem Police said they found a gun that appeared to belong to Ford.

The Oregon State Police are now investigating.

Ford's family is not waiting for the official results.

"I'm not laying down on this," wrote her aunt, Marci, on Facebook. "My neice is going to get her justice."

Ford's mom also posted on Facebook, "My heart feels like its broke (sic). I miss my daughter and just want to hold her."

A spokesman for Salem Police declined to elaborate on the shooting while the state investigates what happened, which is routine.