Woman arrested for intentionally hitting bicyclist won't face charges, released from jail

PORTLAND, Ore. - A woman who Police arrested for intentionally hitting a bicyclist in Downtown Portland was released from the Multnomah County Jail just before 11pm Friday night. She won't face charges for her role in the crash. She had been in jail since late Thursday afternoon.

Police said statements from the bicyclist, Brian Lee Groce, 47, and other witnesses indicated that Celine Julia Geday, 29, hit Groce on purpose.

KATU News caught up with Celine Julia Geday Friday night as she was leaving jail. She said she didn't hit the cyclist intentionally, and would never do anything like that.

Geday was charged with second-degree assault, a Class B felony. Chief Deputy District Attorney Don Rees tells KATU News that the assault charge has been dropped. He didn't elaborate about why that decision was made.

The crash happened at about noon Thursday, April 3 on Southwest Jackson Street and Broadway.

Police said Groce was not seriously hurt.

Groce told police that a woman driving a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta cut him off in traffic. He said he rode up to her and told her she had almost hit him. He said her response was to honk her horn.
They both then traveled east on Jackson.

Groce told police that while he and the woman stopped for a red light on Jackson and Broadway, he again told her that she'd almost hit him. When the light turned green, Groce said she swerved left in front of him and knocked him off his bike.

He said that the woman stopped her car.

KATU News made contact with Groce Friday night. He has bruises on his face, and said he was too exhausted to do an interview. He said he would do an interview on Saturday.