Woman believes family member's gravesite is missing

PORTLAND, Ore. - A woman believes her great grandmother's burial site was mysteriously moved without her family's permission.

Loretta Schwartz's great grandmother, Annie Lehman, was buried at the Multnomah Park Pioneer Cemetery on Southeast 82nd Avenue and Holgate Boulevard - or so Schwartz thought.

Now, every time she visits the graveyard, she can't find the headstone.

"I'm looking and looking and thinking why don't I see it," Schwartz said. "It's not over there."

Schwartz tried to solve the mystery by calling Metro, the agency that manages the cemetery. She also called 13 other cemeteries in the region.

Cemetery officials said Schwartz's great grandmother's headstone has been at the graveyard all along, under the name "Anna Lehman." Schwartz doesn't buy it, pointing out her great grandmother's first name was Annie.

Plus, Schwartz and other family members recall the gravesite being at the opposite end of the cemetery, just south of a lilac tree.

Metro officials insist the headstone is that of Schwartz's great grandmother, pointing out that an internment book shows the burial date for that gravesite as Feb. 16, 1939 - the same as Schwartz's great grandmother's burial date.

Schwartz calls those details a coincidence.

Schwartz also claims a large black marble headstone for the Lehman family also went missing, though Metro officials say they have no record of that.