Woman fears she'll lose home because company won't fix roof

CARSON, Wash. - A southwest Washington woman is worried she is about to lose her home after a series of problems in the last year has left her feeling scammed and desperate.

Ever since Sallie Daggy's husband died from kidney cancer two years ago, her life in her Carson home has seemed to snowball out of control.

"It's been terrible. My life has been upside down. I don't even recognize it anymore," she said.

It began with Daggy signing a contract more than a year ago to get her roof replaced. Despite promises from the vice president of Northwest Redevelopment, the workers never showed.

"I trusted him and no, he didn't ask for any money down," she said. "He told me there would be a work crew here after New Year's, and it didn't happen. Now it's the next New Year's.

And in that time, just before Christmas, a big tree fell on her home, damaging the roof even more and causing water to pour inside.

"It was like a waterfall that night because it was raining so hard," she said.

Daggy filed a claim with her insurance company, Safeco, Dec. 17. But two days later, she got a letter saying it is dropping her next month.

"That was the last nail in the house coffin is what I call it," she said.

She's now worried she'll lose her home.

No one answered the phone at the roofing company's number, and the business is no longer at the Southeast Portland address listed on its website. Another organization recently moved in.

According to the Oregon Secretary of State's website, Northwest Redevelopment failed to renew its business license in April.

It was May when Daggy filed a complaint with the Oregon attorney general's office. And while she hasn't heard from the company, the AG's office did. A handwritten note KATU News obtained says "Unfortunately this customer's loan was denied by the lender. ... We wish we could have helped her ... (but) we have not received money."

Based on a lack of money exchanged, the AG's office called her complaint "unfounded."

But the contract Daggy showed KATU News is clear: She wasn't supposed to pay anything in the first year and she never heard about problems with financing from the company.

"They won't return my phone calls," she said.

Daggy hopes to warn others while continuing her own quest for help.

"I'm not a quitter. I don't give up," she said. "I don't want to walk away from my home, but that's what it's looking like is going to happen."

A spokesperson for Daggy's insurance company, Safeco, said they can't discuss individual policies. And while the company has decided to cancel Daggy's insurance, Safeco may still cover just the tree damage. By law, they have until later this month to decide.

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