Woman finds improvements but probably won't use Cover Oregon site

PORTLAND, Ore. - Has there been any improvements to the Cover Oregon website since its launch?

KATU sat down last month with Amanda Thomas. At that time she found the site generally "un-useable."

A month later Thomas discovered there seems to be some improvement but even through she'd like to, she may still not be able to use the site.

"This site apparently is now useful for me to look at different plans and compare them across different prices and price points," she said Friday.

But Thomas doesn't qualify for the tax credit, and the site doesn't allow her to compare prices without it. Plus, the basics aren't easily spelled out even though there's a FAQ page.

So what now?

"Using this (website) as a template to figure out what the best plan is and then going directly through the plan's website might be a better option for some people if they don't qualify for the tax credit like I don't," she said.

In the end, she said she'll probably buy her insurance through a broker, not using the Cover Oregon site at all.

"I'm just anticipating a huge mess in the second half of December of people trying to sign up, and not knowing what's going on, and I don't envy the people trying to process applications," Thomas said.

So she still has a lot of questions. One of the big things she want