Woman from Oregon waits out the storm in New York

Through a tiny window, Emily Way keeps an eye on Superstorm Sandy blowing past her Queens, New York home.

"Every time there's a big gust of wind the house shakes, which I think is the most alarming," Way, who is originally from Salem, says on the phone Monday night. "And we've seen shingles flying off the roof and things flying around in general."

Items landing in her backyard aren't the only rising concern. A friend just minutes away texts a photo of flooding in their first floor.

"I know I'm fine for the most part, but it's a little scary," Way says. "We just got a coastal flood warning for this area, too. So that's a little scary, but I know we'll make it out."

Still, she's keeping an eye on what Sandy is doing.

"From the news, there's another part of Queens that's right next to the part that I'm in called Flushing and a tree fell on this man's house and killed him," she says. "It's really sad because there are people that are ignoring what the officials have been saying about staying in your house, and then the people that do follow that, they're still getting hurt."

The music graduate is paying attention and staying where she hopes it'll be safe.

"I think we're still planning on going down to the basement to sleep just because up here when the house shakes it's kinda scary," Way says.

She says Sunday night was really windy and since then it's just been ramping up. She says Monday night was "intense," and says she'll probably stay up as late as she can just monitor the situation.