Woman gets money back after tiny house deal goes bad

A woman has received her money back after the KATU Problem Solvers did a story about the man who took her money for a business deal and refused to return it.

Trina Foster said the man, Joe O'Connor of Zoe Cottages in Salem, contacted her after the story aired and said he would send her a check for the $4,500 deposit she gave him to buy three tiny houses.

"Oh, my gosh and heaven above!" said Foster in an email. "If I really get that money back I will be more than a monkey's uncle!"

The story showed that Foster wanted to buy the houses, but became uncomfortable when she said the terms of the deal changed. The KATU report also revealed that O'Connor has a long history of expensive business disasters and sports complex projects that collapsed after large investments of money.

She said she asked for her $4,500 back, what she described as her "life savings," but O'Connor insisted it was non-refundable.

However, Foster said after the story aired, she received a check for the full amount and cashed it at a bank.

"Thank you so much!" said Foster in an email to the KATU Problem Solvers. "I am really in shock my money was returned to me! Glad folks were warned. Thanks to you!"